CoolTrade™ University Training Videos


Welcome to CoolTrade™ University. The first training module, Stock Market 101, covers basic stock market terminology. The second training module, Stock Market 102, discusses stock market concepts and stock trading philosophies for simulating with the CoolTrade™ robotic intelligence stock trader. The third stock trading videos, Stock Market 103, provides information on stock trading ranges, money management, market crashes and market highs. The fourth installment of our free stock market and stock trading videos, Stock Market 104, provides information on shorting stocks in the stock market along with stock indicators and stock option information. Stock Market 5 provides information on advanced stock market concepts and terms such as Bollinger Bands, Stochastics, RSI, SMA and EMA. We also included some clips of Ed Barsano, creator of the CoolTrade™ fully automated stock trading platform, that cover basic information about the stock market, stock trading, stocks and market trends. We hope you find these training videos helpful. We will continue to roll out more training and education to benefit the CoolTrade™ community.


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